— Clarent Sufi

Everything in the universe is spinning

The Resonance Project - Everything in the universe is spinningEverything in the universe is spinning: atoms, the energy field of the human body, planets, stars, galaxies and even the universe itself. Where does all the energy that it takes to spin all structures in the universe, at all scales, all the time come from? Good question.

Call it what you like, the energy of all things in the universe that we call “things”, that is, matter that has mass, comes from the energy in the space that defines the matter.

SPACE = the vacuum, the plenum, the aether, the zero point field, the quantum foam, the source field, God.

Torque in the fabric of the space-time manifold itself as it curls like water going down the drain toward singularity on all scales is the source of all spin.

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“The Power of Spin” video by The Resonance Project :


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