— Clarent Sufi

Tag "Electromagnetism"

“We will never find the smallest particle of matter and we’ll never find the edge of the universe, because the act of us searching is an act of creation that will always place something there for us to see.” John Wheeler

“The human heart is the strongest generator of electricity and magnetism in the human body, and our world is made of electrical and magnetic fields. So when we feel deeply with our heart we’re actually influencing.” Gregg Braden


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The documentary is told through 60 years science and tells the full story of how life on earth is threatened by the man made wireless frequencies that we live submerged in.
The film reveals how we have developed an amazing connection to the natural frequencies of the planet. Connections which have been measured in science for 60 years and control our mental and physical health. It shows how all life has a magnetic sense through a protein cell called a crypto chrome. It proves that the demise of so many creatures is connected to the mobile phone explosion and reveals for the very first time the actual mechanism by which man made wireless frequencies are causing us ALL harm.


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